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Molly Withers

a week ago

I went in for a general consult, and ended up feeling really rushed and overwhelmed into an expensive treatment that same day. I am certainly partially to blame, as I could have spoken up more and been more prepared going in, but it happened very quickly and I didnt feel like I was even there for just a consult. If youre a newbie to their services just trying to get a feel for whats right for you, I dont recommend this place. If you know exactly what you want, it was very clean and the staff was friendly.



3 weeks ago

I called to set up an appointment for laser treatment for hyperpigmentation, I have had this done in the past and it worked well for me. I was very clear on the phone why I wanted to come in for an appt. The girl I spoke with said I had to come in for a consult first, I said okay. she booked my appt. (it was over a month out), finally when my appt. came up I was so excited, only the find the person who my appt. was booked with was completely confused when I told her I wanted to talk about laser treatments, she said well let me know go find someone who does that .... so I waited spoke to someone else, she would not do any laser treatments during the summer (??) she then said well let me go find someone else who can maybe help with a topical cream... I waited again, that person said no I don't prescribe that during the summer .... again makes zero sense. not sure if these ppl know this, but the sun comes out in the winter just as much as it does during the summer. also why did they even book an appt. with me if the whole reason I wanted to come in was something they "didn't do during the summer" ... it was a COMPLETE waste of my time going to this place, bunch of children running around with no idea what was going on, they couldn't even log into their own computers.. needless today, I will be looking elsewhere for my skincare concerns.


Sheilja Patel

4 months ago

Chelsea is great, however other than her I would suggest going to an actual dermatologist/plastic surgeons office. They claim there are NP/PAs here but they have very little experience and skill set In this specialty.


Linda Lewis

5 months ago

Very disappointed. I have been to OVME in Atlanta and had great experience so I thought I would try this location while Im here. Arrived early for my appointment. Saw many clients come and go in a very short amount of time. I was finally taken to a room and I waited there for over 30 minutes and saw no one, although I heard them outside the door. I ended up leaving without my treatment. I gave 2 stars because ladies at the front desk were very professional and sweet to everyone that came in. I will stick to what I know and will wait until Im back home.


Charlene Footman

9 months ago

Liz and team are legit the best! My skin is typically kind to me, but Liz has taken my facial glow up it to the next level. Especially now that Im in the 40+ category. No filter, no makeup. Just a quality regime. Her attention to detail, skin knowledge & product recommendations are spot on. I go monthly for facials and weekly for B-12 shots. Definitely worth the monthly membership. All team members and are SO kind and welcoming.

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