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Lex DeWitt

a week ago

I am extremely disappointed in the ethical practices of Novel Coworking. We executed a Lease in June 2020 to commence in October 2020 in the Charlotte area. We decided that we don't want to move forward with the Lease because we have found a more affordable deal in the same submarket. Due to these unprecedented times, our business has changed tremendously in a couple of months. We reached out to Novel WEEKS PRIOR to our move in date requesting to terminate the Lease. Novel refused to work with us and threatened to pursue with legal actions to collect the value of contract in full. We didn't even move in yet. Novel hasn't communicated any other remedies besides collecting debt entirely. This is extremely unreasonable considering the fact that we are in a pandemic, business is unpredictable, and we didn't even move in yet!


Feelingthropic Inc

7 months ago

Novel Coworking Uptown is the most amazing office space. The management staff is pleasant and responsive, the environment is state of the art and the group chat allows you to connect with other business owners in your network. Join the group...


Ryan Baird

7 months ago

I've had an awesome experience here while renting a 2 person office. The staff is great, and its a great work environment with good perks. This building in particular has lower square foot areas in common areas and truly flexible open co-working spaces, which makes it a great balance for office rental prices and still having a few good communal open working spaces when you need them. It's a good blend.


Charles Turner

9 months ago

The employees here are very friendly, personable, and eager to help. This is a nice location right in the center of downtown Charlotte. Parking is a bit of an issue as with anything in the downtown sphere. The prices are a little high for office spaces as well as for usage of the facility, but if it fits the need you have it definitely will suffice. They seem to be marketed on the idea that you can feasibly use their address as an address for a location for your own business; however, this has rather varied degrees of success. The best suggestion is to try finding an alternate method of acquiring an address for your business.


Melissa Alfred

8 months ago

I love Novel Coworking! Its such an amazing place to operate your own business. Ive met so many cool people who have businesses as well in the building. I was able to transform my regular office space into a beautiful luxury spa. If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for a space, I wouldnt hesitate to look into novel coworking uptown!