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Anthony Scott

2 years ago

Very neat place to take kids to learn about history of the area and how some people lived in the 1800's. This is a self guided tour, where you walk through the house from the basement all the way to the attic. The tour guides were very helpful and were able to provide a lot of information. It will only take about an hour to get through.


Tilly Lo

8 months ago

A lot to explore on a small property. It cost $2 to walk the grounds, and since I am traveling with my dogs, I was only interested in walking the grounds. The house exterior is very well maintained. The gardens have 3 sections and are located to the left of the house. In the back to the left is a large covered area for events. Located in the back is the visitors center/office where you pay for admission. In the same building is where the restrooms are located. To my surprise, the ladies room is nice!!! Probably because they do special events, like wedding there. To the right of the house is a nice trail through a small arboretum. There is also a blacksmith house with an exhibit to the right place f the house where the parking area is. I visited this day, January. I am sure the property looks even more beautiful in the Spring to Fall. There are some flowering trees/bushes when I visited. In addition to the admission fee, you can make a donation to help maintain the property. The donation box is located on the counter where you pay your admission fee. If no one is there, you can pay your fee using the envelopes hanging in the door of the visitors center. Please bring cash, just in case. I really enjoyed my walk around the property. I walked a little over a mile around the entire property included the trails.


Elaine English

a month ago

It is a pretty house but I haven't been in the inside of yet



7 months ago

Such beautiful property! i had the best paranormal experience of my life here and got some great pics! Highly recommended for all of you who are into paranormal exploration and some history of old Charlotte.


Jody A. Smith

11 months ago

My wife and I had the luxury of attending an Oyster Roast here one year and had a tremendous time. We took the kiddos and they were able to tour the grounds, see the historic house and see an actual metal-smith in the metal shop out back. I cannot thank those who not only preserve such historic locations but also the volunteers that usually are the face and personalities of such locations. The kids had such a blast running around the grounds and "exploring" the house. Given that the tour is self guided, the kids had the illusion they were exploring uncharted areas and making new discoveries.