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Demi Mayweather

a month ago

I thoroughly enjoyed club one! Me and my friends went to celebrate my 25th birthday on a Saturday night and we LOVED it! The vibe was nice, the drink prices were reasonable, the dj was playing the right songs, the club design and set up from the upstairs/downstairs was nice, and most importantly we didn't have to wait long to get inside the club!!! Peter was there the entire night dancing and tending to his guest, Mali Music was there and had the mic, and Anthony Hamilton!!! Again my friends and I had a great time and would definitely be back when we revisit Charlotte


Tia Renea

a month ago

I attended ClubONE with some of my relatives and friends. The club was okay and the music was great. The security was kind of rude when it came down to the reserved areas upstairs at the club. It was our first time there, so we didnt know we could not sit in those areas. The drinks at the bar tasted watery, but that could easily be fixed. Overall, I believe I would go back to this club, but I would recommend seating for the guest and not just VIP. My feet was killing me, but thats just a suggestion.


Cynthia Smith

2 weeks ago

I didn't write this to rate as I have not visited the club yet. I'm not a club person, however since recently back in the dating game I thought I might just visit ClubOne. After reading the reviews I'm a bit leary about visiting as If I'm going to spend money I would hope that the staff is professional, the attire is grown folks and not sneakers and flip flops like one person said. I don't drink alcohol so I don't have to worry about my drink being watered down. I just want to come out be treated with respect and have a nice time. Not originally from Charlotte, have lived here since 2015 this time around and never been out to a club in Charlotte. I'm going to really have to think about visiting here after so many not so good reviews. I do hope that this club work out for you as I am a Peter Thomas fan.


Erica Mccormick

a week ago

This Club was so over rated. I will NEVER attend this establishment again and if anyone ask I will send them elsewhere. Security was Very rude for that minimum wage pay. The lights were pretty tho.


Levander Anderson

4 months ago

All in all a nice place. 1st Time there everything was going great until one of your female bartenders looks me dead in the eye and says,are you going to tip this round. So unprofessional... just to let her know Im the guy that left you 100 on a 30tab... Peter great atmosphere but this girl will ruin what youve established if she keep this attitude up. Last time I checked tipping was optional...