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Scott Toal

2 weeks ago

Bowling, food and beverages is a great combo. The environment is nice and screens for watching sports abound. Had one of their burgers. It was a good burger. Good place for large groups and enjoying uptown after an event. The wait staff was prepared and helpful.


Lance Brookes

2 months ago

Never go to this place. I was here yesterday to watch the Ohio State football game. New to Charlotte someone told me this was the place to go. I got there at 1030. I got one of the last places to sit, it was over by the lanes. The game started and as I was watching some people came in and rented the lane. No not to bowl but to watch the game. They were late and didn't have a place to sit.So they rented the lane and then came over and told us we would have to move. Wow what low life would do something like this just because they were late. It would have been different if they were there to bowl!!! But no they were there for the same reason I was to watch a game. I didn't realize that people could be so rude. I'm new to the area coming from Ohio. Not realizing how many rude people there are in the world. But I have to say since coming down here I have realized that most must live in Charlotte. Not just this one visit to watch the game but many things. The driving around here, the crime around here, the general lack of people having respect for other humans. I'm glad to have come, but even happier I have decided to leave. I will watch the news from Ohio, it's only a matter of time before more stuff happens like it did a year ago down here. People that go to this place are rude and the management here fits right in. I recommend this place to all the people of Charlotte they will fit in, rude people seem to be everywhere here!!!!!!!! And to the rude women Saturday, I hope you get yours.


Alex Reid

a month ago

hands down one of the best places to go if youre looking for fun and a great time. The staff is nice, food is pretty good, and drink specials are awesome. Will come here again!


Chelsea Williams

a month ago

Can to this place and this was the worse decision. We had to sit ourselves after standing up at the front. I had to walk over to a waitress to make our presence be known. We ordered food and after nothing for 45 minutes, someone comes over and says we dont have any food left. We have one order of wings left???? The experience just continued to go downhill and eventually, we just decided to leave. We were even more hungry walking out the door.


Chandra Doggett

2 weeks ago

My daughter and I visited this establishment, while the staff was pleasant going in.....it all changed after payment was received. I asked for gutter gaurds and was told, you have to be a kid in order to use the guards and you have to use a 6lb ball.....Really?! Okay, my daughter falls into that category. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. How about full disclosure beforehand? Needless to say AMF is better. WILL NOT RETURN.