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Daniel Heckman

in the last week

This place is so cool. Definitely a great place to see a show. Tickets are usually affordable. I love the old building charm and the small venue hometown vibe you get when you walk in.


Kendra Johnson

in the last week

I've only been there once. I think the drinks are a bit too pricey, so drink before you go. They have a great sound system though! Nice atmosphere!


Armyz machine

a week ago

Sad. The security is worse than the airport. The drinks are way overpriced and when they run out of $4.00 bottles of water they charge $4.00 for a cup of tap water. They can afford Charlotte's finest to secure the venue, but after charging you $5.00 for parking, you're on your own to get out. Expect a good hour of wait if you park in the garage. I'm done with this venue.


Joey Albanese

in the last week

I loved this venue, but now it's far from what it used to be. When I first pulled up, there was a line of traffic wrapping around both sides of the venue. The culprit? No more free parking. 8:30 show now looking like a 8:45 show. Once finally parked, there was an absurd ~20 minute entry checkpoint thing with little to no organization. If it's raining you're getting wet. I speak from experience. Now that 8:45 show is a 9:05 show. Walk inside and the show has already started. Awesome! Two beers came to $20. The redeeming factor is inside the venue is great. Three tiered, so plenty of spots for viewing and a big open main floor. I would buy tickets to just about any act coming through town in the past to discover new music, but with the hassle that is just trying to get in the venue I'm much more apprehensive to keep going back. Fillmore, what happened? I loved you. How could you hurt me?


Erick McGhee

a month ago

Decent place to see a show. It's pretty much standing room only, but it's in large tiers kind of like a theater, so you can get a decent view even in the back. The venue is very loud. Would recommend earplugs. No dedicated parking & the street gets crowded, so hitch a ride there.