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Audrey Klamer

4 months ago

I have been to many venues and shows and this place did really well with handling crowd surfers, making sure everyone was safe and keeping the place clean. I absolutely loved it. It was a great first time going there. They made sure we had water if needed from being too hot, was very helpful with answering questions and were all very nice. Great place!



in the last week

Nice venue, sound was awesome. Saw The Trinity of Terror Tour (Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White, and Ice Nine Kills). Up close and in person all three bands put on a great show! A good time was had by all!



a month ago

Awesome venue. Choice between getting up front in the crowd, or staying a little bit back next to a bar with no lines. Plus a bar at the bathrooms, which I really enjoyed sitting at while waiting for girlfriend to use the restroom.


Tammy Magwood

a year ago

First time being here for a concert! Absolutely incredible place. Huge venue, bar, food, concert stage and a parking deck across the street, only $5 A lot of great artist are scheduled to perform here


Patricia R

2 months ago

This rating is generous. And that is only because the show that I saw was amazing! The employees of this place have a serious attitude problem. They constantly berated the guests. I called ahead of time and asked if signs were okay to bring into the venue. I was told that that was fine. As the show was going on I randomly held up my sign occasionally I didn't leave it up in the air for any exreme amount of time. But an employee came over and told me I was no longer allowed to put it up in the air. Meanwhile, there were others with signs that were perfectly allowed to have their signs in the air some of the signs, were the same size and width of mine. So the argument that my sign was too big is irrelevant. Also, I paid for VIP seating so that I did not have to try to squeeze myself into the pit and not even an entire 5 minutes after the show was over, and an employee came over and told me and several people that were conversing with me that we needed to get out. I find this strange because first of all, the show had just ended. Second of all, people were still trying to filter out the very small door that this building has. So what is the purpose of forcing me out of that area and making me go stand in the large crowd of people? I hope that if another artist that I truly love decides to tour it they choose not to come to this venue. I was very disappointed and the prices of the beer were extremely high. Not impressed.

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