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Luke Runyan

3 months ago

I saw Alec Benjamin here, and I definitely loved this venue! It could easily fit 3000 people, there were about 2000 the day I was there. Nice lighting effects and good speakers, I could here the audio all the way in the back. You have to get your hands marked with an X in permanent marker if you dont want to drink alcohol, and it doesnt come off for a few days. But this venue was amazing overall. The performer was also amazing and I loved the music! Would recommend.


Ash C

a month ago

Wanted to share my experience with VIP since I cant find much out there. We paid for VIP club access, this does not include a seat, thats extra! We did get to use the fast lane line. Then checked in at the VIP club. Workers were fast to check us in but didnt make it clear where we could standit was already loud and he talked too fast. You can pretty much stand anywhere thats not in the roped areathats for the real VIPs with seats . We chose up by the stage but you can stand by the bar for a better sight line but further away. For the openers there was large equipment blocking most of the stage (the headliners equipment). You could still see but in a small window towards the front of the stage. It would be nice if that equipment was not there for the entire show(removed a star for this). Once the headliner came on the view was amazing. We were able to use the private smoking exit and bathroom and return to our same spot without a fighting for our spot since there were just a few people standing there. Drinks are crazy as usual.PBR with add on shot was $18..thats probably the best deal. Overall I really enjoyed it. Nice not being shoulder to shoulder with people or fighting to get up close to see.Great view of the mosh pit and crowd surfers! Already upgraded my next show here.


Jess D

7 months ago

Dont email the venue if you have any questions, you wont get a response. I called a few times during open hours as well, and nothing. Anyway - Clean VIP club area and bathroom, VIP staff is nice! Good experience. Lots of security inside and out, so it felt safe. They should definitely use some signs once you enter and stand in line, so many people were confused and had to wait for someone to guide everyone.


Bobby Landires

4 weeks ago

There are only a few reasons that I am giving this review four stars, and that's not to indicate that the Fillmore is a bad venue. However, when packing in this many people it can feel a bit crowded and potentially unsafe (though it was not unsafe in any way that I experienced). It would have been an impossible quest to make one's way to the restrooms that were clearly marked on the other side of the completely filled open area. Security to get in was efficient and thorough. The atmosphere never got stuffy in any way during the recent Blue October concert despite the numbers of people packed in (so the ventilation system is decent). The other loss of a star deciding factor was charging over $14 for a single cup of beer (greed). Other than those minor gripes we had a great time and would gladly return for future concerts.


Nicole Price

7 months ago

One of my absolute favorite venues! The only downside is too many people chat loudly during the shows and it's super disrespectful to the artists that are taking time to perform for us. Quite a few drunks, but thankfully it didn't ruin the show. Just distracting. LP was amazing! Thank you for hosting artists I love!!

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