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Anita Bancroft

a month ago

If you enjoy tacky, gaudy, low quality items from low-end decorator stores from the 90s and early 2000s, this store is perfect for you. The prices are far too high for items that look like they were rejected from a garage sale. There are very few actual antiques. Fox News broadcasting on the TV in the front of the store doesnt make for a very pleasant shopping experience either.


Carnie Colliver

4 months ago

Fun place .... every nook and cranny is spilling over with history and amazing merchandise ... could have spent 2 days in here (:


ANNA Clover

a year ago

I am seriously in love with this store. I went today just to browse. The variety of items within the booths were amazing. Some have housewares, some have great signs, art and I even saw large pieces of leather in one. I saw so many items I wanted to buy, i just didn't have the time. Oh and I didn't even see the downstairs! This would be an excellent place if you were changing your decor. Highly recommend.



8 months ago

Nice to have this in downtown Belmont, walking distance to all of the restaurants, its a nice place for a stroll out of the heat after lunch. Your average antique store except I noticed prices are very inconsistent, some items are randomly overpriced and then youll find a similar item reasonably priced in a different part of the store.


Abbey Bell

a month ago

Everything is way overpriced compared to other antique stores, and not many antiques anyway

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