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Robert Johnson

a month ago

After traveling to the old location (that still had the sign up) I found out they had moved. Went to the new location and there was a sign on the door not open to public. Called and was told I couldnt come in, but could go on line and order. But then, I would have to drive back for curbside delivery! Heck I could buy on line from amazon with free delivery! I was trying to give a local business some business. As hard as retail is these days, dont see why their making it difficult to shop with them. Especially when you can go anywhere in Charlotte with a mask on. Crazy!


Blake Page

2 years ago

Although small, this business's niche reaches a global scale, and it is consequently easy to get lost in thought while perusing their large selection of maps. The worldly nature of mankind always leaves them seeking material objects, so patrons could be seen wandering aimlessly despite the overabundance of cardinal direction. I even noted an unexplainable, gravitational force upon myself as I circled the store in the same fashion of the mythical, heliocentric model. I then left the business knowing exactly what direction I needed to travel for my destination...because of my vehicle's GPS.


Sabre Atchley

4 months ago

When Covid 19 happened, I bought a map for my niece. She is sixteen and has six types of seizures, and had just been through surgery. Her voice is scratchy and sore all the time. She can't even get out to see her friends. The Map Shop got right on the order and sent it out. The USPS had lost my order. As I began to wonder what happened to the package since I live in Idaho and wasn't seeing my order move, I called and talked to Tony. Tony was super friendly and said it looks like your package is lost in the mail; We'll send another one out! When I told him how grateful I was because it was for my niece he upgraded my order to priority shipping for free just to be certain I would get my order. My niece quickly received her map and the timing was perfect. The Map Shop payed for the USPS mistake. I called and asked the USPS "Where was my package?. " They told me we don't have the package they must not have sent it! Three days later I received a text from the USPS, Your package has arrived in Denver, and is on its way to be delivered. Thank you so very very much for being so awesome!! I can't wait to have the new shop open. I wish you will do well in the future and hope you have a chance to inspire many new generations.


Chelsea Ruth

6 months ago

Great customer service! I placed an order for a chart online, which was delivered much quicker than I anticipated. Unfortunately, the chart had sustained some damage along the way. I contacted The Map Shop, and within 24 hours, Mariana had taken care of me with a replacement and absolutely no hassle. Thank you!


Alex Via

4 years ago

Lots of cool maps and stuff here. Really neat place that you should definitely check out of you're into travel.