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Jack DesJardins

3 weeks ago

Excellent atmosphere, good beer selection and mind blowing variety when it comes to bike parts. The owners have carved a beautiful, artful and hip niche that deserves to be far more well known than it is!


Mike Harris

4 months ago

The service was great, and they did a great job on repairing my bike. The people were friendly, and I found that it's a great place to hang out. Lots of neat people and good conversation.


ahmad abusamak

10 months ago

My wife & I wanted to start casually biking and so we decided to buy a few low to mid range bikes for just that. We were well aware that these bikes weren't anything special but decided to have them built here instead of the free assembly you get at some of the big box stores. We thought that by using a professional to build them that we could spare ourselves some of the horror stories of owning/operating a cheaper bike (bent pieces or not properly installed moving parts). The Experience: They estimate 2-3 business days to assembly the bike and charge $60 per bike. I dropped them off and was not contacted for 3 days. I called to follow up since I wasn't in any rush and they said they they were ready. Ok, was I suppose to wait for a call or just show up to get my bike? Anyway, I came and got the bike and asked for some help showing me how to install my bike rack which he did do and appreciate. Quality of Work: The first ride we took was around the neighborhood and we noticed my wife's bike was making a terrible sound( a loud hum) while braking. My bike was fine so we decided to call and ask about what it may be. They weren't sure over the phone and so we took the bike back to the shop to see if we could find out. He immediately was able to point the blame on the wheel of the bike and point out that it was painted and can make that noise until its worn off. If it was that simple and common of an issue, then why not point out at time of pick up or sound like a familiar issue on the phone. We took the bike home and looked up ways to hasten the process and get the humming to stop. A week passes and the wheel goes flat due to a factory issue. Frustrated, we're taking the cheap bike back but only after wasting the summer trying to figure out the issues that come with bike ownership. This is not a review on more than the bike building process, I'm sure they do a lot of other stuff beautifully but like I said, Not For Beginners.


Bob Currie

2 weeks ago

Very ... friendly, Denver-ish, atmospheric..


Amelia Coleman

10 months ago

The rooftop yoga on Thursdays is the best! Good people, cool bikes, awesome beer, and the best slogan, "Be Good, Do Good"!