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Kristen Jenkins

3 weeks ago

I had a walk-in and was seated almost immediately. It took a bit of time for a nail tech to get to me but they were busy at the time so that was expected. The nail tech I had was Sean or Shawn. It was his first day and I was his first customer. He worked a bit slower, but given the fact that he was new, I completely understood. He was easy to talk to, had a sense of humor, and was very attentive. I could tell he was trying to make my nails look the best he could. There was a bit of a misunderstanding as to what I'd asked for, but that was on my side and I'm extremely happy with how they turned out. I'd had a horrible experience with the dip at a different place and was encouraged into try it again. I'm so glad I did. The place was very clean and welcoming and the staff was very nice. It was a wonderful experience. I will definitely be going back!


Colleen Conneran

a month ago

This place is great! Regular, reasonable pricing with friendly service and open scheduling (allowing me to just walk-in)! Out of the two times Ive been, I have had one incredible experience with SNS and the other, Gel, was pretty rough (the sides of my nails were showing) and I had to ask for another layer to try and fix it. But overall I still think they do good work and theyre always quite friendly!


Tia Getsi

2 weeks ago

I got my nails done here on Valentines Day. I came in an hour or so before they closed and they were sort of packed but they got to my boyfriend and I right away. He got a nail trim and buff and paid $18. Way overpriced for something he could have done himself. I got acrylics and the guy who did my nails kept talking me out of doing a design on my nails and having them the length I wanted. It seemed like he just didnt want to do it. My nails were $40 including the $5 extra cost for the coffin shape. Never heard of a certain shape being extra. I have cuts from the nail drill on a couple fingers as well. Overall, they were super nice and conversational but I will not be returning.


Amber Watlington

in the last week

Cute little nail bar. Great service. Prices are high depending on what treatment you receive. Small, intimate setting. All the nail techs are sweet and cater to your needs.



a week ago

I used to come here and see Lynn and I loved my nails every time I left! Its overall a great place but ever since Lynn left, I havent had good experiences. I went in today and while they sat me down right away despite being early for an appointment, my nails are mediocre at best. Mind you, I used to get SNS before Lynn left because she rocked it but I got gel today because I didnt want to pay a lot if it didnt turn out well. There are bubbles on multiple nails and theres polish all over my cuticles. One nail just looks bumpy and just ugly. I wont be returning. I will be asking for a refund because I really cant even look at these.