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Patti Clark Parker

3 weeks ago

Only giving 2 stars because the nail lady made me feel like a hassle? I came in wanting an outlined French sns manicure. Everything was going good, and then she starts to do the design, gets frustrated, and complains about how long it will take, how hard it is to get it even; literally didnt want to do it, so I just said, it was fine plain cause I didnt want to keep hearing the complaints? The shop wasnt busy. I was her first appointment, and she kept asking if I liked the color. Yes, I liked the color, but I also would have liked the design on there as well.


Nicole Hosey

3 months ago

The atmosphere was nice. They took very good care of me. My nail tech took her time and made sure I was happy through the whole experience. Only thing is I didn't get the 10% discount being a new customer. But the service was definitely priced well and worth the money still. Definitely going back!



4 months ago

My second time trying them since the new ownership and I won't be coming back.. higher prices and poorer quality than when it was Ultra Boutique. Only one service technician that's any good.. and that's the pretty female that didn't wear a mask that has somewhat good quality pedicure and manicure. I can't speak for any other services she does but I'm used to the technicians from Ultra checking on you before you left to make sure you were dry and giving you some cuticle oil. Also I've been coming to this location for YEARS, I've never been asked to dry at the dryers at the front facing the street. Personally I don't feel the fans work. My technician slopped 3 coats of polish on my nails and told me sit for 15 minutes to dry at these dryers.. I sat for 15 minutes and my nails were somewhat dry.. I walked out and put hand sanitizer on my hands and 2 nails the polish just slid right off.. Completely wet . I came back in to get it fixed and the man in there acted like he had an attitude with me after he wiped my WHOLE fingers with acetone and turned the skin white when I asked him could he fix and all her did was put some more acetone on it and asked me to sit at them same dryers. When I told him those didn't work well he puts his hand under and tried to say yes they do when I sat there before for 20 minutes and barely felt air circulating which is why my nails messed up. You'd think he would agree and just put me somewhere to prevent my nails messing up again.. anyway I had to put my own oil on my hands and said I won't be back.


Jesica Palacios

a year ago

I made my appointment and at the last minute my babysitter canceled on me so I called to see if I could add a princess manicure and pedicure and they were so accommodating! I arrived a little early and they sat my daughter and I down immediately. She enjoyed her first ever mani and pedi, they were so sweet and gentle with her. She was done before I finished getting my dip set and they were nice enough to help put her shoes back on and sit her down next to me. I loved how my nails and hers came out! I can't wait to go back, booking is a breeze, the location is amazing, and they do an amazing job!


Elaine Alexander

4 months ago

What a relaxing experience in a lovely, bright and clean nail boutique. I think I found my new nail place! They do a great job here without a lot of loud chatter, sales pitches to get a mani-pedi, etc. and my feet are ready for the beach now!

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