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Nancy Carter

7 months ago

Khali Yoga captured my heart way before I moved here to Charlotte with my family. After traveling cross country with a moving truck - I made sure to stop at the studio the following morning we had arrived just to ground and recenter myself. It felt like home right away - the healing vibration in this place was instant to my spirit. Blessed and grateful to have found the right space that feels safe to continue this healing journey we call life experience.


Carri Uranga

3 months ago

The most beautiful shala in Charlotte! While practicing at this gorgeous space, you almost feel transported to India or Thailand. All the instructors and staff are super friendly and welcoming. I especially appreciate the NO Technology or Devices rule in the practice space. I wish more studios would get on board with this. It's truly an oasis!



2 months ago

Khali is my favorite studio in Charlotte! The space itself is so beautiful, clean and relaxing. The indoor/outdoor studio is a gem in the middle of the city. I love the natural light and the ability to practice inside or on the patio when weather allows. Even inside, the sound of the breeze in the trees and birds chirping makes the yoga experience incomparable to others in Charlotte. The staff is amazing as well. I always feel welcome and comfortable to fully relax.They focus on the physical/mental/spiritual balance that yoga provides in an all inclusive environment with a variety of classes including sound bath meditation. I recommend this place ALL the time to friends and acquaintances looking for a great studio and a safe space!


Fay Lee

6 months ago

Words cannot do justice to the emotions that I feel about this place. I was here just for a week and was welcomed like family. As soon as you walk in a sense of peace washes over you. Even though the classes are vigorous there is a sense of ease just being at Khali. The indoor/ outdoor classes are AMAZING and the instructors give great cues that make following the class a breeze! The patio is shaded by big beautiful trees that enhance the experience! I could not recommend this place more to someone who is looking not just for a yoga studio but a community of beautiful people who come together for the love of yoga. Every time I visit Charlotte I will make sure to come to a few classes!!



5 months ago

Amazing yoga class looking at gorgeous English like garden.. w mamapreneur holding her sweet baby and teaching one of the most beautiful sights to see especially in todays climate a woman working while mothering (by choice) Thank you for the beautiful experience and space/energy.

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