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spyder won

in the last week

All style, no substance. I recently moved nearby and have had lattes from here twice, both have been utterly disgusting. The first was their black walnut latte, which tasted like saltwater mixed with espresso - heavy on the salt. The second was their lavender vanilla, which tasted neither like lavender nor vanilla and the espresso is burnt. They charged me nearly $9 for it, too. Not smooth at all Im giving it 2 stars because I came here a few times last year and it was always good. Id even had the black walnut one before. What have they done here thats made it turn so bad? Ive gone from looking forward to living near this place to never wanting to return. I hope they fix whatever is happening.


Ywh Krgb

11 months ago

Really chill place, love the vibe and atmosphere. Will go there again. I ordered the peppermint tea and it was great. Service was great too


Rebekah Clevenger

2 months ago

Great experience. Very busy though, we were there during their morning rush. They handled it well though!! Fun staff, very in the know, and lots of delicious things to try. I'll definitely go back!!


Renee Klein

3 weeks ago

I want to like this place but Ive had hilariously bad service all three times Ive gone here. I asked if the savory croissant had any meat in it and was told theres no way for them to know because they didnt make it in the house. Friend asked for her scone while we waited for our coffee its just really busy we will give it to you with the coffee. It was not really busy and there were 3 people working behind the counter. Every interaction that Ive had with people that work here theyve been strangely rude.


Lisa Bloemsma

2 months ago

I went to the Hobbyist this morning and was blown away by the skill and hospitality of the Barista's. The overall service was amazing! It was truly a grand example of what third wave coffee should be! I ordered one of their signature lattes (Toasted Sage & Fig) it was spot on. The flavors blended perfectly with the espresso! They have pastries delivered from a local bakery down the street too (which I think is amazing since they don't have a kitchen in house) The atmosphere is stunning. You can tell that whoever designed the space carefully curated the antiques and plants with intention! They have plenty of seating but from what I could see it was filling up fast. This is now my new favorite specialty coffee spot in Charlotte! Way to go Hobbyist!!!!!

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