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a week ago

While this Krispy Kreme looks nice and I had a couple good experiences with it, this is the second time it's been horrible and I'm just going to stick to the Independence and Concord locations. You're currently running a doughnut special but don't have everything available and what you do have looks HORRIBLE and this was a gift that I ordered gift wrap for and didn't receive it...I give up!


Becky R.

in the last week

I was greeted with a smile and left with a smile.. I have not eaten a doughnut of any kind in a very long time. KK would be my first choice. Still melts in your mouth. Much wider hot and cold drink selection than it used to be.


Jacqueline Telljohann

5 months ago

I've always loved Krispy Kreme donuts and this is by far the nicest Krispy Kreme I've been to. They have a free dedicated parking lot which is a big deal for South End. On this visit we came for the limited edition strawberry glazed donuts. We got one Strawberry Glazed and one Strawberry Glazed Original Filled Strawberry Kreme. I really liked the strawberry glazed one. The strawberry filled one wasn't my favorite. It tasted too much like artificial strawberry for my liking. Of course while we were here we had to get a free donut for getting the Covid-19 vaccine. I love this promotion. We've used it twice so far and I'm sure we'll use it several more times before the end of the year. This location has a few things other don't. It has a donut vending machine outside. It also has donut milkshakes and donut ice cream sandwiches that I want to come back for. If you like Krispy Kreme, this one is worth checking out!


Brenda Goodman

2 weeks ago

Efficient and pleasant! So much more convenient for distance!



a year ago

I love their $5 deal regular dozen on 9/25/20 if you wore sport clothing. It was huge, nice, clean and wasn't busy when i went. Wish their donuts didn't cost much. They have deals weekly. The staff was friendly. Didn't like the location because it was hidden. Will have to try the donut vending machine. They didn't have napkins or wax paper for me to the donut with so my hands won't get sticky

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