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Meredith Aryn

8 months ago

I have gone to cvans for many years, and Ive recommended it to anyone who would listen. The store is always clean and staff is always polite. However, I recently brought in a donation and went inside the store to shop. When I came out, I saw staff/volunteers throw away almost the entirety of my donation. It included a nice glassware set, a bag with a HARDCOVER BOOK SET in great condition (?), among many other things. These are items I thought of selling, but decided their donation would benefit the battered womens shelter more. Their dumpster was almost full of books in good condition (some much better than what was on their shelves inside), and many more great quality items. I understand your store may receive a large amount of donations, but you need to create a system where, if you have an influx of items, you are at least attempting to donate those items again. I would have happily taken back those rejected items to donate to schools or children who dont have books, clothes, etc. Its incredibly disappointing that all my donations over the years could have simply ended up in the dumpster, despite how truly nice some of the items were. This is a SMALL number of the books I pulled from their trash (NOT from my donation - this came from someone else).


Lula Mae Johnson

3 months ago

I Cvan's! I always walk away with a few articles of clothing that are just right for me! They have a pretty good selection and I like how it's organized. The dressing rooms were closed because of the CV-19 stuff, but they had a big mirror up front by the window where I could try something on over my clothes to see how they looked on me. It really helped me decide and a the comments from a lady watching me try on a particular blouse helped me decide too.



4 months ago

I've been shopping/donating at CVAN for many years.Donation drop off is easy: just pull up, pop your trunk, and get your receipt. It's encouraging to see young men working/volunteering! The main reason I choose CVAN over other thrift stores is that they are truly non-profit and directly benefit abused women in my community. You can find brand new items with tags on or cool, vintage pieces. One thing people might not realize is that they are mindful about what they put on their shelves. I once overheard a manager and staff member discuss whether a certain book should be accepted. Due to the nature of their charity, they take care in what they choose to sell. I really appreciate their integrity. Keep in mind that most of the clothes are women's clothes if you're looking for something in particular. Fitting rooms are still closed, unfortunately. Highly recommend.


Lydia klopfenstein

a week ago

So Im a thrift store junkie, and I just wanna say this place is amazing!!!! Great selection, awesome staff, and a good cause.


shannon mcclellan

a month ago

I always find great stuff! Your donations and purchases support the battered womens programs.

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