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Mistie Cogbill

3 months ago

Lovely saltwater pool facilities. I don't think they expected such a large group of people for this event - long lines for the bathrooms, not enough seating, could not hear the announcer - but that's on the event coordinator I would guess. The facility was clean and would normally be easy to view swimmers if they hadn't sold 650 tickets. Big round of applause for the staff continuing to bring in multiple sets of extra pop-up bleachers but then it just further blocked the lanes from view.


Beautiful Sunshine

a month ago

Too many people. A 1 bedroom apartment should never cost 1300 dollars in the South. Neither should a room for rent cost 900 monthly. I'm really shocked by this. City people have taken away the southern delight of this place. I did meet some of the beautiful southern people that wave at you as you're driving by and that say yes ma'am and no ma'am. I'm just wondering how city people move to the southern part because of the price, invest, and jack prices up? You guys should be banned from certain places


Michael Brandly

a week ago

The staff was courteous, and the water safety class should be taught weekly.


David Foulser

4 months ago

Enormous pool always has lanes available for lap swim. Nice, cold, clear water is perfect for building my lap swim speed and distance. One day I must try floating in the warm pool and the hot tub. I like it so much I got a renewing monthly membership. Yay MCAC!


Daniel Judah

5 years ago

The swimming pool is very clean. Lots of people are swimming here, but because the pool is clearly separated by lanes it would not be a problem. Most of the pool that can be used for free swim are quite deep though. There are 2 lifeguards on stand by near the pool. The toilets are clean, and all of facilities are really clean. The price for the entry is also quite cheap. Great place to swim in Charlotte!

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