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Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center


5:30AM-11AM, 2PM-5PM, 7PM-9:30PM



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Daniel Judah

3 months ago

The swimming pool is very clean. Lots of people are swimming here, but because the pool is clearly separated by lanes it would not be a problem. Most of the pool that can be used for free swim are quite deep though. There are 2 lifeguards on stand by near the pool. The toilets are clean, and all of facilities are really clean. The price for the entry is also quite cheap. Great place to swim in Charlotte!


Adrian Joyce

2 months ago

Nice facility, adequate seating for large events. Nice pools for swim meets because of comfort level, seating, nice locker rooms and close to 277. Only downfall is limited parking in front of building but parking is available along the street and in a parking lot behind the Aquatic center across the road.


Jaime Brown

a month ago

This place has an enormous hot tub and heated pool and a several other end or non heated pools it was a lot of fun extremely clean the showers were clean the bathrooms were clean I would definitely go here again plus it has gym equipment that you can exercise on as well as swim laps the best gym I've ever been to by far


Michael Thuemmel

a month ago

I really just used the weight and cardio room. The space is nicely laid out it much longer than it is wide. They have plenty of cardio equipment such as treadmills , ellipticals and bikes even a rowing machine. They have free weights as well as strength machines. The machines offered have a good variety but don't expect one machine per muscle group. It's not a strength area unless they have free weights which the they do and weights range from 5 to 70 but mostly only have one set of each. The room is equipped with some functional weight training such as a squat / bench rack, jump box and kettle bells.


Rupert Kıncaid

a month ago

Great place for getting your work out!!! And you'll just love the Staff.