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My Charlotte: Dairelyn Glunt

Dairelyn Glunt, owner of Salud Cerveceria, shares her story and what she loves about the Queen City.

Dairelynn Glunt - Photography by Cody Hughes

How long have you lived in Charlotte?

It’s crazy to think that it has been 14 years already. My family and I moved from the Dominican Republic to Statesville in 2000. I moved to Charlotte in 2007 to attend college, met my now-husband and never looked back.

What makes Charlotte feel like home to you?

Having my family close by feels like home. My mom and my brother live within ten minutes from me. I am very close to my family. I also have two cousins that I grew up with in the Dominican Republic that live here in Charlotte. Lastly, having a business here makes Charlotte feel like home. I couldn't imagine leaving it and living anywhere else.

How would you describe Charlotte in one sentence?

To me, Charlotte really has a lot. We are a melting pot of different cultures, we have awesome weather, a great food scene that can still grow exponentially, loyal customers and the nicest of people.

Salud Cerveceria - Photography by Cody Hughes

How has Salud Cerveceria had to adjust during the pandemic?

I feel like the pandemic gave Salud the boost we needed to get out of our comfort zone and do things we were planning on doing but didn't get around to until our only option was to be creative or fail. We started canning most of our beers since everything was to-go only back when this all started. We have changed our food menu multiple times and have implemented some insane dishes. We have also updated our patio to make it more welcoming since we all feel safer outside. I like to think the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise.

Salud Cerveceria - Photography by Cody Hughes

Where do you get inspiration for the food and beverages at Salud Cerveceria?

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I was surrounded by so many flavors and different foods. I was never a picky eater, so I tried everything, and that gave me the opportunity to indulge in my culture and all the wonderful flavors it has to offer. We try to implement that in the beers we brew at Salud. We brew many beers inspired by those fruits I grew up eating. The food is a little different because it is not quite inspired by my Dominican heritage, but instead by all the amazing places my husband and I have visited in our beer travels and the many ideas of the talented chefs we have at Salud.

Salud Cerveceria - Photography by Cody Hughes

What is your favorite item from the Salud Cerveceria menu and why?

My favorite menu item is beer — any of the Berliner Weisse we make. I love all the fruity sour beers that Dustin, our Head Brewer, makes. For food, I love the Liberation Pizza. This pizza is an explosion of different flavors that I'd never thought to have in a pizza, but it works so perfectly. The pizza consists of a white sauce base, thinly sliced potatoes, parmesan cheese, rosemary, and finished with fresh black pepper and truffle oil.

If someone is visiting Charlotte for the first time, what should they do and see?

Come to Salud (shameless plug). Spend the day at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, have dinner at Soul Gastrolounge, then head to Idlewild for amazing cocktails.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame - Photography by Jackson Petty

What are some of your must-see attractions in Charlotte that you would recommend to friends and family?

I’d recommend Carowinds, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, The Mint Museum, Science on the Rocks at Discovery Place Science and spending an entire day touring all the awesome breweries Charlotte has to offer.

Where are your favorite places to eat in Charlotte (outside of Salud/Salud Cerveceria)?

This is so hard, but here we go: Soul Gastrolounge, Fin & Fino, Leah & Louise — and this is just to mention a few.