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LD Freeman

7 months ago

Quiet neighborhood bar gets the job done. Staff was friendly, selection was as expected, and food was decent. If live nearby or passing by, it's a low key stop along your way.


Jeff Motsinger

10 months ago

So decided That I would try them today for lunch when seeing their menu outside. Prices looked decent and so figured Id eat there. Go inside and sit down and order a tea (tea was kinda yuck. No biggie. Its gold peak I get it. ) At this point I pull up the menu online and the prices are quite different from the menu I saw outside (which brought me in mind you). Not a huge deal, chicken is high right now just costs I get it. So I order six wings and fries. Have a chili for an app and it was very good so I was excited for the barbalo wings. They come out and I swear these were the smallest wings Ive seen in a long time. TINY! So I ask the server to come over expecting that maybe it was just a bad batch. She states oh yea they are kinda small, may just be the ones we have in. At $10.95 for six wings I expect a decent size wing. It doesnt have to be jumbo but a micro wing is unacceptable. She doesnt offer any solution but a very casual oh thats is kinda small. So I continue with I eat the food and finally ask for the check where all the items were a higher price then whats listed on their menu. Once again I call her over at which she tells me that is the added credit card fee that you have to pay on top of the cost. At this time Im getting frustrated with the lack of transparency, poor quality, and casual version of customer service. I paid the bill and tipped but will be the last time I eat there which is a shame because I live in the building next door.


Rebecca Gosnell

a month ago

Awesome staff! Highly recommend the chili. It is off the charts, ordered an extra cup. Prices are fair, regular customers are friendly too. 'Lemur' got his picture with the bartender!


Brett Daviau

3 years ago

Quiet little uptown pub, at lest it was quiet when I stopped in after work. Bar maids were friendly and put the game on TV for me. Their beer selection is okay, and a couple of their kegs were kicked. Great place for a couple drinks after work. They had some drink specials on so it wasnt too pricey.


Turjah Freeman

7 months ago

We originally came to that street to go to the Japanese restaurant but they were closed. We decided to try this pub and we are so glad that we did. I literally told everyone about how good the food was. That had to have been the freshest salad and turkey sandwich I have ever had. I would definitely go again. I would recommend others to go as well!

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