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David Rogers

a month ago

First time here and I feel the need to give this place the review it deserves. My wife and I were looking for a good pizza joint in the Mooresville area. We brought along our dog so we sat out on the patio. We had to order inside but they bring it out to you. Owner came out to see if we needed any help with making our decision. He recommended the wings but we had pizza on our mind. He said they were the best in town. We had the opportunity to try a few of the wings before the pizza came out and he was right. The wings were awesome and the pizza just as good. We will definitely be coming back.


Joel Eisenhofer

4 weeks ago

TRENDING WAY TOWARD THE POSITIVE. I LOVE GHOSTFACE BACKGROUND I've be considering what to write about Ghostface for some time now. My family members were not impressed when they first went about two years ago. My first visit was a bit better (particularly due to the incredible "Deacons of the Deep" pizza and 6 garlic knots that was the special at the time... NOTE: the garlic knots are still there and are incredible... sadly I have not seen the Deacon pizza since then). Still, I found that the prices were a little bit hefty for my grad-student income level. Thankfully, prices have improved slightly as has my income. Therefore, I decided to try some wings tonight and could not be happier! DRINKS: Regarding beers, the worst thing I can say is that Ghostface experiments... a lot. The best thing I can say is that Ghostface experiments... a lot. Ultimately, I love what they produce most of the time, but you will always have some choices that just "miss" your palette. WINGS: This review is finally being written because I had wings tonight and they were incredible. The "tiger sauce" is delicious and if you prefer a crunchy wing that actually came from a chicken rather than a pigeon or other smaller bird (yes... hyperbole... sorry) then this place nails them. If you love hot sauce that pushes your limits (and provided the owner or certain employees are present to make it) they can put together a superb, brain-gasket-bursting hot sauce for you. Not only were the four wings that I ate in this sauce exceedingly spicy, but the flavors of citric acids and chilies galore were present and noticeable before the heat wave hit. If you like HOT wings, you should seek these out. They won't send you to the ER, but you'll feel them and enjoy the taste as well. SERVICE: The waiting staff tonight was incredible. I wish I'd gotten their names, but one of them may have been the owners son??? I'm really not sure. Regardless, he wrangled some of the "special hot sauce" for my friend and me as well as some wet paper towels which were absolutely needed after we emerged from the plate of wings. The young lady who waited on us was conversational, amicable, funny, and friendly in the unassuming and non-intrusive way that you want all wait staff to be. She was the kind of person who almost want to ask to join you at your table and while she gets the gold medal for that trait so far, the other staff at Ghostface have never disappointed me as far as I can recall. TL;DR Ghostface had a rocky start (or so I'm told by friends and family who managed to visit before I did), but over the last year I have seen marked improvement and now I consider them top-notch across the board. Certainly in Mooresville at least, I prefer no other establishment for pizza, wings, drinks, or service.


Dianna Gavin

2 weeks ago

This so is my favorite brewery that I visited!! Everyone was so nice and the beers were awesome! Best pizza I had outside of NYC!!!!!! I just wish it was not 3 hours away! Please come to Raleigh!!!! My kids are begging already to g back!


Evan Harding

a week ago

My local! Staff are friendly. Food is outstanding. The beer is wonderful. Hoping they will bring back the bourbon barrel aged stout this Fall.


Trindel Crawford

in the last week

I came from out of town with my family. Food was good, service was good. Sara was the bartender that night. Very friendly as well as the other staff. We will return when we come back to town!