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Karla Fischbach

5 months ago

Been dying to come here for a while because theyre Black-owned and such a cool concept. The place is a vibe! Loved the aesthetic and the music, which was loud and some may not like, added to it - I loved it! They were out of bowls, which is what I wanted, so I got Lucky Charms mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a milkshake. It was really good but pricey coming in around $9 if I remember correctly. The menu had a ton of options so Ill definitely come back and try something maybe with a sauce drizzle and hopefully a bowl next time!



2 months ago

I love the area this place is located. It is a entire vibe in itself. The store is very small, and cute. I like the decor. They did have what my party of four needed in stock. YEAHHH!! Two downside was I didn't understand what the 4 people in the back of the store were doing? They looked kind of suspect all crowded together in one area & it was barely any room for them all to fit. I wasn't sure if the were employees or friends hanging out Based off the previous reviews, and the horrible music I'm not sure of. I do know music was playing & if explicit or vulgar sounds was being played TRUST my ears would have picked it up. Maybe I was distracted by the commotion behind the counter area I love supporting small black businesses, but I am real big on customer service. I am ole school...greet with a smile and make your customers feel welcomed. I rated this place a 3. If a business lacks great service, chances are I will not return. Plus side, my Aunt enjoyed it & GREAT TASTE OF CEREAL I didn't have anything due to no vegan options.


Monique Harris

3 months ago

Nostalgic decor instantly flooded me with Saturday morning childhood memories when I entered Day & Night Cereal Bar! The Rooby Snacks Milkshake was amazingly tasty with crunchy cinnamon toast and peanut butter flavors. Excellent customer service from their friendly staff of respectful black men.


Peter Lancaster

3 months ago

Great experience. Super small shop. Expect a small, new business experience and roll with it. Great idea. Turns you into a kid again.


Danielle Martin

6 months ago

Editing my review because I missed some things. It might be a good idea to staff higher when there are city wide events and maybe a better ticketing system than post it notes. We had to wait a bit but we understand mix ups happen. My son and I love the milkshake and plan on coming back. It was busy when we came in so we missed seeing the larger menus and had to grab the laminated one from the order station but we were pleased with the options , though something else hats gluten free would be nice for those who aren't well verse on which cereals are safe and which aren't. Overall it was a good experience.

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