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Jenny High

11 months ago

They told me there is no dessert there. They made us wait in line after it had been open for an hour to make it look popular. It sucked


Tiffany Schreffler

3 years ago

A+++ - Atmosphere, Ambiance, Aesthetics ON POINT. Exactly what you hope for in a nightclub experience. This club is completely different from any other nightclub in the sense that they obviously know how to cater to todays' demand in both expectation of service and product. The VIP sections ACTUALLY feel like a VIP table, stanchions separating the tables from the dancefloor or walk-through areas, and the service is not only fast, but willing to go the extra mile to make sure all VIP clients are completely accommodated and comfortable. Pricing is not inflated just because they are the "newer" spot (which I CERTAINLY appreciate as being someone who is the target demographic of Kandy Bars' clientele, meaning I go where the music is good, the place feels inviting and beautiful, and I pay for my own drinks). There are 2 fully staffed bars, one in the elevated VIP area and another as soon as you walk in. ALSO - there's nothing small about this venue. There is a TON of space to dance and mingle, between the space around the main bar, the dancefloor, the spacious veranda outside, and all the of the spaces in between. Personally, I prefer a VIP table experience, so I also have the space at my table, where all my friends also are, and my cocktail knows my drink preference. But that's just me !! In closure - Kandy Bar is the best nightclub in Charlotte. You will NOT be disappointed. Enjoy !!


Joe Little

10 months ago

Went out for my Cousins Birthday on a weekend Night. we were promised a table and bottle but when we got there got neither. Were told that all the vip was taken up even though I could clearly see two open. Then when I finally asked the right person, whom went to management, after a shady debate between the two, they said I could get a table for $500. From my limited experience there I said 'HELL' no (my first night there btw). The bar had nothing on the website, no food or special drinks. Just had the tender make what I could describe. Will be my only time coming to this place for sure.


David Carter

a year ago

The bar is not consistent. On there regular operating days they accept credit cards however on nights that play hip hop they only accept cash at the bar. There are no signs that indicate a cash only bar at the door where you pay admission. I supported this establishment in the past and then they had bad publicity and against better judgement i tried to give them other opportunities to provide a good experience. At this point if you are considering going out choose any other establishment. You have been warned.


The House of Mann

2 years ago

Party at Kandy Bar!