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Bethany Riminiscenza

a month ago

Only giving it a 2 because the bartender was super nice and it wasnt his fault we had an awful experience. There was like 5 guys out front checking ids and hanging out but only 1 guy bartending and serving. I felt so bad for him that he was alone. There was 5 of us and we all were super excited to try the stuff here because we've been planning our trip to Charlotte for months and came across the delicious looking menu. The stuff on their site's menu does not match the actual menu once there. They were out of a few deserts too. I ordered an alcohol infused cupcake and 2 other people in my party ordered cupcakes not infused. One of them said it tasted like their was alcohol in theirs. Then none of our drinks had the included candy and/or fruit garnishes that were supposed to be included. Whoever owns this joint needs to make sure that they supply the items on their menu. It's a bit crazy that we all ordered different drinks and all of them had one or more missing things with it. The menu is really awesome looking but too bad they dont have half the stuff on it.


Taylor Rutledge

6 months ago

If I could rate zero stars I would. While poking my head out a door to the smoking area to look for my friend, the bouncer (3 times my size) yanked me outside. Pulling me out of the club and shoving me down the walk way. Trying to tell him Ive been there all night and attempting to show the stamp on my hand, he grabs me and pushes me back again. Telling me I cant come back in and I need to leave. Doorman, the girls working the front, several people outside, no one did a thing to help! Keep in mind I was sober. Women should not go here, you shouldnt have your safety threatened by the people there that are supposed to protect you. First time and last time.


Salim Fayeq

12 months ago

I love Kandy Bar!! Always such a fun time whenever I go. Wide dance floor and 2 separate bars on each side of the bar. There's also a small outside area even with tables and chairs to smoke. It can get a bit chaotic on the weekends as a club but I mean that's what you go for. So much energy and liveliness. And nothing is really overpriced necessarily if you just order normal drinks. There are attire requirements but I always wear pants so I never have a problem. Definitely on the higher end of quality clubs



in the last week

Racist place charges extra $10 cover charge if youre not African American.


Will Cordero

7 months ago

Great experience, great music, good people, and reasonable prices... Beautiful women!! What more can you want!?!?