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Charlotte Trolley Powerhouse Museum

1507 Camden Road Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704-375-0850
Fax: 704-375-0553

Trolleys made possible the development of Charlotte's earliest neighborhoods, and they served as a catalyst for the city's first era of economic growth at the turn of the last century. But they also moved residents around town, bringing people from all classes together to interact on a daily basis. As a result, trolleys played a defining role in the creation of the young city's social and economic fabric.

Charlotte Trolley powers that transformation through its ambitious new museum devoted to the history of streetcars in the Queen City with an educational program that highlights social and economic change in our community. The Museum focuses on the future – and helps shape it -- by teaching people what was done before. Then they can put those lessons into action as the community grapples with the challenges posed by growth, high energy prices and environmental concerns. Learn more about our plans for the Powerhouse Museum and our group outings.

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Age Range:All Ages
Location:South End
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