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She Hustles: Women-Owned Businesses

This Women’s History Month, celebrate and explore Charlotte’s women-owned businesses and enjoy new experiences along the way.

There’s no better time to celebrate the female entrepreneurship that thrives in the Queen City. From crafting unique dining and sipping opportunities, to creating innovative retail and service experiences, industrious women are shaping Charlotte’s economy and community.

Enterprising Restaurateurs

Filling hearts and bellies is a complicated business. The women running these eateries show that they have the passion, hospitality and skills to make their restaurants successful.

Lang Van

Inspired Bakers

The owners of these bakeries have all been influenced and inspired by special people in their lives. That’s why they put their whole hearts into every treat they create.

Wentworth & Fenn

Ingenious Drink-Makers

Grabbing a drink isn’t just about the libation – atmosphere matters as much as refreshment. Whether it’s a coffee shop, wine shop or brewery, the ladies in charge at these hot spots welcome everyone with a fine beverage and cool vibes.

Davidson Wine Co.

Influential Retailers

When it comes to women-run retail, the variety of choices is vast. Each of these shops showcase the unique style and offerings of the women behind the merchandise.

Girl Tribe

Innovative Teachers

Learning a new craft, skill or technique can be daunting, but there’s no need to worry. The professionals below are here to teach you best methods for handling silks or ingredients, cocktails or childcare.

Chef Alyssa

Experiential Service Providers

The journey towards healthy minds, bodies, souls and surroundings doesn’t have to be lonely or arduous. It can be fun and energetic, informative or relaxing when these leaders are here to guide the way.

Charlotte Joy Rides