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Elevated bar food and drinks are why Hickory Tavern locations are prime spots to watch the game – any game really. And if there is no game on, grab a beer and a burger and have a moment to yourself.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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jared parnell

3 months ago

Food was excellent! I had the pulled pork tacos and my wife had the steak tacos. The seasoning on both were great! It was a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed every bite.


Faye Joy

2 months ago

The waitress name Jasmine was very dishonest. I ordered fish and chips. She told me I can only get fish but not chips.Actually fish and chips are not fish and chips. LOL Because kitchen person said it. I had to told her this is not my first time to come to this restaurant. Usually if I order fish and chips, should come together. So she went to kitchen brought the chips for me.When I checked out,She told me manager said charge chips for extra dish. Never hear " fish and chips" actually are not "fish and chips". If I want chips, I will have to pay extra chips. She said this is her manager said it.Also the fly around the table during our meal. We are definitely wont go back that place! If you go that place, please be very carerful with these games, read carefully on your bill! Some one is trying to steal from you!! Now I am worry about my card! Very stressful! I feel very sorry for her. She should work hard to earn more tips instead of trying to play games with customers ! Shame on her!!!!


Steven Krauza

3 weeks ago

Friendly staff, prompt service, food was served hot and fresh. Nice place for a quick bite.


Yadira Millan

2 months ago

Terrible experience, ordered Spinach artichoke dip and it was frozen inside, waitress got another one and the same thing, she ended up warming it herself by the time it came back, our main meals were at the table. No utensils given, chicken Alfredo pasta lacked sauce & seasoning it was bland, how do you mess up pasta?!!! We ordered a second basket of shrimp and after many attempts to get our waitress attention (we were ignored quite a but when we did hand gestures) finally she came only to say you want it to go? We just cancelled it. Never going back there. We have been to the one in Charlotte and service was way better.


PowerForce Forever Urs

2 months ago

The service was ok Just when i purchased the Spinach dip it was cold and runny. Ordered the shrimp and it wasn't prepared well let alone was not devained. The wator told me we don't devain our shrimp and it just made me sick to my stomach but u serve it on this pretty platter and charge this price and I'm suppose to clean it while I try and enjoy it The worse. Will not be returning here again

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