Charlotte Team Mascots: The Number One Fans

The big personalities of Charlotte’s sports teams’ mascots are matched only by their team loyalty and love for the fans.

With big smiles, huge heads and enormous personalities, their oversized hearts are the only things that dwarf Charlotte’s sports teams’ mascots in stature—especially when it comes to entertaining the little ones who come out to cheer on the home teams.

Charlotte enjoys a super-fun cast of mascot characters. Here’s a guide to help you get to know them better.

Sir Purr - Photo courtesy of Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

Mascot: Sir Purr

Favorite Charlotte Pastime: Hugs! Sir Purr is the leader of the league in hug deliveries per appearance, averaging 451 hugs per outing. Sometimes, he even delivers more than one hug to the same person.

Fun Fact: He went to school at Catawba (or “CAT-awba,” as he likes to call it) College and majored in Performing (“PURR-forming”) Arts

How to Book Him for Events: Click “Book Now” on his Facebook page at or submit the form at the link for a purrfect celebration with this cool cat:

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Hugo - Photo courtesy of Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets

Mascot: Hugo

Favorite Charlotte Pastime: Bungee jumping, skydiving, playing basketball (of course!), rollerblading, race car driving, flying and dancing

Fun Fact: Hugo is an avid inventor, who has created such masterpiece dunks as the "Flip Dunk," the "Felmet Dunk" and the world-famous "Bug-on-the-windshield Dunk"

How to Book Him for Events: The buzz around town is that Hugo knows how to make an entrance no matter the event. Visit to see for yourself.

Show your Buzz City love for the Charlotte Hornets:

Homer - Photo courtesy of Charlotte Knights

Charlotte Knights

Mascot: Homer

Favorite Charlotte Pastime: Signing autographs, posing for pictures, running the bases and, most importantly, making Knights fans happy!

Fun Fact: Homer has always been active in the Greater Charlotte area, participating in a wide range of charitable events. He’s a friendly dragon and loves children.

How to Book Him for Events: You've got to cover all your bases to get this local celebrity to your event.....or simply contact Homer’s agent Brittany Egan at 704.274.8192, you can also click the “Community” tab at

Watch the Charlotte Knights knock one out of the park:

Chubby - Photo courtesy of Charlotte Checkers

Charlotte Checkers

Mascot: Chubby

Favorite Charlotte Pastime: Hanging out around town, going to special events and napping in his cave

Fun Fact: Chubby loves to dance at the drop of a puck. He especially likes to show off for the kids in the crowd

How to Book Him for Events: No icy persona here, as this polar bear knows how to bring the house down and spread the joy, book him at

GOAL! See the Charlotte Checkers on the ice at Bojangles' Coliseum:

Blue the Plott Hound - Photo courtesy of Charlotte Hounds

Charlotte Hounds

Mascot: Blue the Plott Hound

Favorite Charlotte Pastime: Chasing boar and fetching lacrosse balls

Fun Fact: The plott hound is the official state dog of North Carolina

How to Book Him for Events: He ain't nothin' but a Hound dog that knows how to have a good time! Contact the Hounds’ main office at 704-206-514 to have Blue at your next event.

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Norm The Niner - Photo courtesy of Charlotte 49ers

Charlotte 49ers - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Mascot: Norm the ‘Niner’

Favorite Charlotte Pastime: Leading the spirit of “Niner Nation” and cheering on the Charlotte 49ers

Fun Fact: Norm is rarely seen without his trusty pickaxe and never takes off his slouch hat

How to Book Him for Events: Let Norm help you Stake Your Claim at any event, visit to lock down this Niner.

Join the Niner Nation and get your tickets now:

Lug Nut

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Mascot: Lug Nut

Favorite Pastime: Going fast and turning left

Fun Fact: Lug Nut is the world's fastest mascot, and he has three homes: Charlotte Motor Speedway, zMAX Dragway and The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway

How to Book Him for Events: Living in the fast lane can be fun, just ask Lug Nut in person. Contact Debbie Norman at 704-455-4421 for a chance to hang out with him.

Be a part of Race week Charlotte at Charlotte Motor Speedway, get your tickets here:

Champ the Cheetah

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Mascot: Champ the Cheetah

Favorite Pastime: Competing with his own car in the Boy Scouts of America Mecklenburg Chapter Pinewood Derby at the Hall each year

Fun Fact: Champ’s favorite movie is “Cars,” and he can’t wait for the new “Cars” exhibit to come to the NASCAR Hall of Fame this summer

How to Book Him for Events: As the fastest land animal in the world, the cheetah can go from 0 to 70 miles per hour in only three seconds, but it won't take Champ that long to get the crowd revved up at your event. Visit to submit a request.

Visit the place where legends live at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: